Hair today, hair tomorrow.

Notable dates from the past.

Caught in action. Pole vault champion.

 Micrographia. Robert Hooke 1635 - 1703 

Early attempts at mass Licide.

Lice at war.

Soldiers enjoying taking care of their pet lice. World war 2.

On the home front.

Young gang members compete to find the most lice. The cooties were also known as chats. Hence chatting together.

The Nit Nurse

The Nit Nurse. Every child looked forward to the accolade of  being chosen as having the most lice.                                        

The Nit Nurse. The child on the left has just mentioned where else he itches.     He had to wash his mouth out.

Bad publicity.

This woman claimed to have the world's worst case of cooties. She later withdrew her claim.

A Family affair.

Lice provide a wonderful reason for families to get together.